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Our Options for Table Linen Rentals

The Party Corner catalog includes 11 distinct materials with different styles and color options to suit your special event. Our linen sizes range from napkins to banquet cloths to fit any table. Below are some of our clientele's top picks, which made their venue stand out.

Polyester Linen Rental

Many of our table linen rentals come from the polyester linen group. Sometimes, that single color is all you need to make a statement or to present the perfect backdrop color. This material has absorbent and breathable qualities. For that reason, many party planners choose polyester linen for outdoor venues.

Taffeta Linen Rental

Taffeta is a fabric typically made of silk, rayon, or polyester. This luxury textile comes in cabaret and pintuck styles with up to 16 colors.

Crushes Linen Rental

When you want a simple color with a natural feeling to its texture, our crushes provide just the change you need. Its iridescent finish gives this material a distinct sparkle while never losing its vibrant color. We offer Shimmer and Krinkle textures, which crush differently to provide a unique visual experience. Colors: White, ivory, black, champagne gold, lime, purple, royal blue, burgundy, copper, red, silver.

Dublin Linen Rental

This exclusive "Irish Faux Linen” comes in a variety of different colors and is 100% polyester. Colors: White, latte, burlap, silver, graphite, navy, olive, aqua, grape, raspberry, tangerine, marsala.

Panama Linen Rental

This is our rustic collection, ideal for an outdoor event or a country event. Colors: White, ivory, beige, natural, mustard, buttercup, celery, cement, taupe, brown, spice, paprika, lime, tangerine, coral, turquoise, navy, cobalt, sky, light pink, silver, charcoal, black, plum.

Basket Weave Linen Rental

This is a faux basket weave with a hint of color. Color: White, natural, nougat, wicker, solar, cooper, tangerine, lipstick, mint, Carolina blue, hot pink, kiwi, navy, silver, charcoal, black.

Organza Linen Rental

A translucent fabric dusted with glitter, creating a magical presentation. Colors: White, ivory, maize, bronze, brown, peach, pink, raspberry, burgundy, lilac, purple, sage, light blue, royal blue, navy, silver, black.

Glimmer Linen Rental

Dress up your table with some bling-bling. Colors: Gold, silver, white, purple, blue.

Prints: Chopin and Beethoven

The delicate patterns of these elegant prints create a stylish and sophisticated look for your next event.

Plan Your Event Color Scheme with Us

The Party Corner team sticks with you during every stage of your event planning process. With a free quote, you can rest assured your table linen rentals will meet your budget. Call our New Jersey office at (732) 741-0040 to start planning today.

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