Flooring & Staging

Flooring and Staging Rentals

Flooring and staging are just as important a party component as tables, chairs, and tents. Staging provides a space for your DJ or band, and what’s a party without a dance floor? Party Corner offers various-sized stages and dance floors to accommodate any event. We also carry red carpet runners to make you feel like a VIP.

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Wooden Dance Floor

$27.00/ 3' x 4' section
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$55.00/ 4' x 4' Section
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Chrome Stanchions

$16.50 each

What Are Stage Rentals?

Most party events need some kind of floor space for guests to mingle and do activities. Our floor rental options are perfect when you need durable flooring for your guests and party attendees. Our stage rentals come in tiles that our crew can lay down before the festivities start and remove once the party is over. We have flooring options that will work for virtually any event you host.

Why Rent Flooring?

Rental flooring is a good idea for pretty much any kind of party.

Flat Surface

Most events need a flat surface for furniture, but a flat area also provides guests with a place to stand and mingle. Rental flooring makes a more stable surface than grass or dirt and is much more comfortable for guests than concrete or pavement. If you have delicate arrangements or decorations, you will most likely need a flat surface to set them up.

Designated Areas

Rental flooring can also provide designated areas for activities. One of the most popular kinds of rental flooring is wooden dance floors for weddings and birthdays. Rental flooring shows guests where party activities like dancing or eating should occur, preventing any confusion during your event.

Clean and Tidy

At parties with formal wear, people won’t want to walk around on concrete or grass with their nice shoes. Wooden rental flooring provides a tidy and neat surface so guests won’t track dirt and mud. Guests will also feel more comfortable on a level surface than on uneven grass or dirt.

Highlight Important Moments

An elevated stage is a great idea to highlight important events, like the band playing or speeches. Elevated staging is perfect for outdoor events with a main attraction that you want your guests to see.

Floor Rentals in NJ

Party Corner is the area's go-to provider for party rentals and supplies in NJ. Whether you are planning a birthday party, wedding, or anniversary party, we have event rental options that will fit your needs and budget.

If you would like to discuss flooring and staging rentals, fill out our contact form or call our professional team today at (732) 741-0040.

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