Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents are one of our most popular rental options at Party Corner and are a perfect choice for birthday parties, weddings, and other outdoor get-togethers. We offer sailcloth tent rental services for groups ranging from 80 to nearly 500 people.

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Sailcloth Tent 44x43

Seats: 80-160
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Sailcloth Tent 44×63

Seats: 160-240
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Sailcloth Tent 44×83

Seats: 240-320
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Sailcloth Tent 44×103

Seats: 320-400
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Sailcloth Tent 44×123

Seats: 400-480

What Are Sailcloth Tents?

Sailcloth tents are a type of pole tent that features high, vaulted ceilings and wide coverage. Sailcloth tents have the name due to their nautical appearance and feature rounded edges, unlike many other kinds of big tents. The vast majority of sailcloth tents have a distinctive off-white appearance, like the mainsail of a boat. With beautiful wooden center poles and flags on top of the points, this tent is a site to behold.

The rounded edges and high ceilings give them a distinctively “open” feeling, which is one reason they are such a popular choice for large outdoor events and venues. A high-quality, luxury sailcloth tent from Party Corner will make your party the event of the year!

Why Choose Sailcloth Tents?

Sailcloth tents carry several advantages that make them worth considering for party rentals.


Sailcloth tent vinyl is waterproof and will keep your event space clean and dry. The durable material also guards against wind and other inclement weather, so you won’t have to worry about rain ruining your big day. The water-resistant character makes them especially useful for locations near water, like the beach or a lakefront.

Good for Day Or Night

Sailcloth material is slightly translucent, so it allows an ample amount of light during the day. At night, the materials reflect light, creating a relaxing glow to illuminate festivities. You can also light up sailcloth tents at night with artificial lighting to further enhance visibility.

Ample Space

Sailcloth tents are typically large and provide ample sitting space for guests and furniture. Their large interior space is one reason they are a popular choice for events with many attendees, such as weddings and birthday parties. The high ceilings also mean you have several decoration options for the tent.

Sailcloth Tent Rental in NJ

Party Corner is your go-to source for tent rental in NJ. Whether you need furniture, dinnerware, or simple party supplies, we have a solution that will fit your needs and budget. Compared to other tent rental companies, we offer the best.

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