Pole Tents in New Jersey

“Still Water” Sail Cloth, Pole Tent

Tent Rentals, NJ, Party CornerSummertime at the Jersey Shore is full of life and excitement up and down the coast. When you envision New Jersey from the early days of May, through the beginnings of the crisp days of October… Your thoughts most likely turn to the 130+miles of coastline. Blue waves crashing onto the sandy beaches, flanked by the rocky outline of the jetties paints the perfect backdrop for any occasion. As the shore begins to fill with beachgoers, and the boardwalks become the epicenter of the areas busiest season of the year, surfers, jet skis, and sailboats alike fill the waters. Everyone wants a piece of the Shore, and why not? Whether it is the day to day activities of the families who vacation with us for the summer months, or it is your “big day”… What better place to celebrate than the Jersey Shore? And, who better to assist than the Party Corner?

Weddings, festivals, outdoor concerts… Special events of every accord are booked back to back from the very beginnings of the warmer months. This season, Party Corner has the perfect touch for any event that wants a little extra. Our “Still Water”, sail cloth tents were made for the beautiful seascapes here at the Shore. The “Still Water” pole tent is the epitome of elegance. It has rounded

Tent Rentals, NJ, Party Corner

ends and a translucent top… Putting it in a class all its own” notes manufacturer Fred’s Tents. These tents beautifully capture the open air feel, with the glowing warmth that attracts people to our beaches up and down the Shore. The “Still Water” boasts organic shapes and crisp lines. The lightweight sail cloth fabric hangs perfectly from the wooden finished poles mimicking that of the sail boats gliding up and down the coastline. The pennant toppers put the finishing touch on this translucent tent. As the pennants dance feverishly in the sky, it draws your eye to this one of a kind tent. Because the tent top is translucent, you can play up the lighting feature. Incorporating one of the many different lighting options Party Corner offers, allows you to give the illusion that the tent is any color you could imagine. Whether you choose to play focus on the beautiful reds and oranges of your flower centerpieces or you want to accent the blues and greens of the water and foliage along the coast line… the options are endless. When the sun has set, and the moon is just popping up from the horizon, these tents appear to glow from within.

Likewise if your event is a daytime festivity, because of the top being translucent, it allows the natural light of the sun to play an integral part in creating the perfect backdrop. Your setting becomes almost “interactive”.

Tent Rentals, NJ, Party Corner

Casting dancing shadows from the surrounding palm trees and seagulls flying overhead… The sun washes a colorful mirage over the interior of the tent putting the finishing touch on the finest of details.

When event tenting used to be strictly structural and act as a safe guard for an impending storm… Now with the “Still Water” sail cloth pole tent, your structure has become a beautiful

focal point for your day’s festivities. While other tents require you to fit into a “shoebox” area of space, these tents have a little bit more of fluidity to them. The “Still Water” sail cloth tent can extend from a 44×43 all the way up to a 44×103! This allows for this beautiful tent to be worked into a multitude of landscapes. No event is too large, or party too small… This nautical themed pole tent will be the perfect touch for any celebration. This lightweight sail cloth tent can bring the feeling of the beach to any backyard, park, or garden. The lightweight, sail cloth material mimics the feeling of floating on the ocean in a sailboat… All while celebrating at the venue of your dreams. Whether you want to bring your event to the beach, or the beach to your event… The “Still Water” sail cloth pole tent is this season’s hot ticket and is guaranteed to leave your guests in awe for summers to come!

Tent Rentals, NJ, Party CornerSummer may seem a lifetime away, as the cold days of winter have just begun to creep up on us, but the time is now! Party Corner’s knowledgeable staff will assist with every step along the way. We have been in business for over 40 years and are the leading event rental company at the Shore. From the tent, tables, and chairs down to the linen, china, and glassware… No detail will go unnoticed. Call us today, and tell us you’re what you are envisioning! Party Corner will send one of our site surveyors to the location of your dreams. This is the best place to move forward from, knowing exactly what we are working with. Party Corner will set the stage for the event of your dreams to come to life right before your eyes!