Retail Sales

Wide Selection of Designer Party Goods for Shrewsbury, NJ, Red Bank, Ocean Township and Monmouth County, NJ

We offer a full range of table accessories and dinnerware party supplies, suitable for parties and special events to celebrate any occasion.


Our plates are available in:

  • White
  • Colors and patterns
  • Plastic or coated paper
  • Solid or decorated
  • Bulk or packaged

Ideal to put the finishing touch to your party table, we can provide anything from convenient, easily disposed of paper plates through to formal dinnerware which is ideal for larger functions where hot food is being served at the table.


We provide disposable cups which come in either paper or plastic options. Suitable for hot or cold drinks, these are some of our party theme products that can really add value to your party ambiance. Whether you chose a coordinated look or opt to mix and match, our selection of cups includes something suitable for every occasion.


  • Pink
  • Blue
  • White
  • Ivory
  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Lavender
  • Black

Bar Glasses

An absolute essential for any function, our bar glasses are offered in a variety of sizes and styles. We offer a bulk party supply facility for glasses, ensuring you’ve always got enough of each type, regardless of your guests’ drinking preferences. As well as champagne, Pilsner and stem glasses, we also provide a selection of colors, patterns, and sizes.

Paper Napkins

At our party store, you can buy paper napkins in an enormous variety of designs. Suitable for dinner, lunch, cocktail time or any other occasion, we can provide the napkins you need in a variety of differently sized packs, making them suitable for larger functions as well as smaller celebrations.

Table Covers

The right table cover can absolutely transform your party space. We offer a selection of holiday items, including rolls or packages. Whether you opt for paper or plastic, with so many fantastic designs on offer, there’s bound to be something that’s absolutely perfect for what you’ve got in mind.

Caterer Supplies

We stock a wide range of caterer supplies that are designed to make your job easier!

Our selection includes:

  • Candles – all sizes and colors
  • Cellophane rolls & frills
  • Plastic trays
  • Doilies
  • Placemats
  • Toothpicks
  • Plastic stirrers
  • Coat checks
  • Ice buckets
  • Platter
  • Aluminum Pans
  • Sterno
  • Ice buckets


Whether you’re planning a one-off event or simply want to make every day a special one, our selection of decorating ideas and products can completely transform your entertaining space. We have a wide range of themed goods on offer, as well as plenty of attractive generic items that will provide the perfect finishing touch.

Bridal Accessories

We provide a great selection of wedding supplies that ensure your special day is remembered for all the right reasons. From garters and guest books through to pens, toasting glasses and cake toppers, if you want your wedding to be truly amazing, we’ve got the accessories to help.

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