Gender Reveal Balloons

Unless you have been hiding in a cave, you know that one of the hottest trends in baby showers is the gender reveal party. At this party, the expecting couple uses a theme, usually the traditional pink or blue, to announce the gender of the baby they are expecting. Sometimes the couple knows the gender of the baby and the gender is being revealed, for the first time, to the guests gathered at the gender reveal. Other times, the couple arranges with their medical providers to get them to put the baby’s gender on a piece of paper or share it with a trusted confidant, and are, themselves, surprised by the baby’s gender at the party. Whichever way the gender party is designed, revealing the gender is going to be a huge part of the party.

Balloons can play a role in a gender reveal party. This is usually done by packing a pink or blue colored balloon bouquet into a box. The box is then opened at the pivotal moment in the gender reveal party, and they float up out of the box, revealing the gender to everyone gathered at the party. In addition to pink or blue balloons, these bouquets may include specialized foil balloons that say “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy!”

While the actual gender reveal bouquet is an important part of the gender reveal party, the reality is that decorating for these specialized baby showers presents a bit of a challenge. Because the baby’s gender is a secret to the guests and usually the expectant couple, the party is not going to use the traditional blue or pink in the décor. However, balloons in more neutral colors, such as a combination of white and gold, white and silver, or combinations of pastels can be used to create the look you want without revealing the baby’s gender.

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