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You want your wedding day to be perfect. Every bride or groom does. We fret and fuss about the details, trying to bring to life our own personal visions of the perfect wedding. What is wonderful about the party rental business is seeing how every bride and every groom brings their own personal expectations to the perfect wedding.
Wherever your wedding is located, we have supplies to help make your venue shine. We have a wide variety of tables and chairs, dishes, utensils, linens, glassware, chafing dishes, trays, servers, flooring, staging, tents, and bar products to help you turn an indoor or outdoor space into your dream venue.

Tent Rentals NJMany of today’s brides and grooms have a whimsical streak and do not want to treat their wedding like a strictly formal affair. Bring a childlike joy to your wedding by offering a cotton candy machine or, for more sophisticated sweet tooths, you can incorporate a chocolate fountain in your dessert table.

On the other end of the spectrum from whimsical are those brides and grooms that want their weddings to reflect a cool sophistication. Turn your wedding into a nightclub with lounge furniture and different tents for dancing and dining, allowing more active wedding guests the chance to live it up, while more laid-back wedding guests have comfortable places to relax and visit.

Weddings Supplies & Rentals NJ

Do not forget about dancing. Many people hardly consider an event a wedding if there is no dancing and we offer a full range of dance floors and stages to make your wedding dance dreams a reality. For many others, a full bar is a must for a grown-up wedding party, and we have the equipment to perfect your bar experience, including margarita machines. Do not forget about the little ones; what could be more fun than setting up a kids’ area, with children’s size tables, and maybe some toys to keep the little ones occupied while the adults have fun.

Whatever your wedding plans, we offer a full range of rental products to help you personalize your wedding and bridal shower: envelope collectors, archways, shower chairs, shower wishing wells, columns, lights, trellises, and arbors. It is almost impossible to describe every combination of products we have that you can use to make your wedding your own. Come on down to our showroom in Ocean Township and look around; you may find some ideas you have not yet considered that will make your wedding stand out in your memory for years to come!