NJ Wedding Rentals

Let Party Corner NJ Help With Your Wedding Rentals. You want your wedding day to be perfect. Every bride or groom does. We fret and fuss about the details, trying to bring to life our own personal visions of the perfect wedding. What is wonderful about the party rental business is seeing how every bride and every groom brings their own personal expectations to the perfect wedding. You can read more on our Wedding Rentals Here.

Wedding Table Rentals

New Jersey Party Supplies and RentalsFrom a small party to a huge event, one of the things people quickly realize when party planning is that there are never enough tables. Even a small event can require multiple tables because of serving and having space for decorations. Larger events have even greater needs and tables are the surprising foundation for many decorative displays. Fortunately, at Party Corner, we have the tables you need to make your event a success. Our table rental is affordable and reliable, so that you can have the party you picture in your mind, without worrying about finding the tables that you need. View Table Rentals Here.

Wedding Chair Rentals

NJ Table RentalsOne of the biggest challenges that people face for an event is providing appropriate and sufficient seating for everyone. The chairs that work great at an outdoor event like a fish fry or a shrimp boil are not going to work for an upscale party or sit-down-dinner. Plus, sometimes chair rentals can be intimidating. You order 100 chairs to be delivered and they get there a few hours before your event, only for you to discover that they are not in the advertised shape. Discoloration. Rust Spots. Missing parts. Broken chairs. All of these things are a party planner’s nightmare. View Chair Rentals Here.

Wedding Tent Rentals

Tent Rentals, NJ, Party CornerNew Jersey’s gorgeous seasonal weather means that many people want to have their events outdoors. Outdoor events are fantastic for many reasons, namely their roominess and space which is perfect for wedding entertainment. They often offer more space than events held indoors, may be more affordable, allow for the natural setting to set the tone and provide ambiance, and connect guests with nature. However, one of the risks of outdoor events is that it is impossible to predict the weather! Inclement weather can ruin an outdoor event if there are no tents protecting guests. Furthermore, even gorgeous weather has hazards; a bright, sunny day can be uncomfortably warm for guests who do not have access to shade. At Party Corner, we have all types of tents available to help protect your outdoor event and keep your guests happy. View Tent Rentals Here.

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