Birthday Supplies in New Jersey

Checklist for Planning an Amazing Children’s Birthday Party

No matter where you’re celebrating your child’s birthday or how many people you plan to invite, having a checklist of what needs to be done can make the entire process much less challenging. We’ve compiled a list of what needs to be done when to ensure your birthday girl (or boy!) is enchanted by their party.

A Few Months Before the Party

First, determine the kind of party you want to throw. If you have a child who loves Disney movies, you could have a theme that revolves around their favorite film. Everything from the activities to the birthday party supplies in New Jersey that you choose can relate to this theme.

At this same time, determine how many people will be invited and what kind of entertainment you want. If you’re hiring a magician or a musician, you want to do that early to ensure availability.

A Month Before the Party

This is the time when you want to send out the invitations, whether online or in-person. Make sure you include a date to RSVP and include the time the party will start and end. Before choosing a final date, make sure the most important people in your child’s life are available. Nobody wants a party with their best buddy not in attendance.

You can also begin scheduling out the day and making a list of the birthday party supplies in New Jersey that you need on hand.

Two to Three Weeks Before the Party

Make a simple menu with finger foods for the kids and perhaps a few special treats for the adults in attendance. Once that’s done, build a grocery list so you have everything you need on hand. This is also a great time to start looking for help you might need at the party. Having a couple of babysitters to help can be a great idea.

The Week Leading Up to the Party

Do the cleaning that is needed, follow up on RSVPs, and get a schedule ready for cooking. You may also want to order balloons, cakes, and any supplies you don’t have.

Just Before the Party

Make sure everything from goody bags to groceries is ready for the big day. Organize, decorate, and do any cooking you can in advance.

Using this checklist, you’ll be ready to take on the celebration with less stress. If you need a venue for your party or extra supplies, Party Corner can help. You can visit us at for more information.