Bar Stocking Tips

Bar Stocking Tips

People are drinking less alcohol now, you’ll likely need more wine, bottled waters, and soft drinks than you may expect and less liquor. Don’t be tempted to buy out the liquor store. Choose only the liquors you know your guests will drink. If you’re unsure, stick with the basics: whisky, scotch, gin, vodka, tequila, rum or vermouth for cocktails; wine and beer to drink alone.

Buy plenty of mixers – carbonated water, tonic water, lemon-line seltzer, and ginger ale. Remember to make a variety of non-alcoholic beverages available for non-drinkers. Sodas, fruit and vegetable juices, bottled water, iced tea, and hot coffee and tea are all popular. Keep in mind that many guests will drink both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

When making and garnishing cocktails, be sure to have the necessary “extras”, such as maraschino cherries and olives on hand. You also may want to cut lemon and lime wedges in advance. Don’t forget the ice. Allow about a pound of cubes per person, a little more for longer parties (or for parties on hot days). We carry a selection of bar glasses. Twelve ounce all-purpose glasses and stemmed wineglasses will work for nearly every drink. You can also rent old-fashioned glasses, highball glasses, margarita glasses, pilsner glasses, martini glasses, beer mugs and cordial glasses among others for your party. Disposable glasses are also available and convenient to use, especially for big parties.

Be sure to have a bottle opener, corkscrew, cocktail napkins, small towel, sponge and wastebasket handy. You may want a blender nearby if you plan to serve blended drinks, such as daiquiris and margaritas. Set up the bar away from the food table and either make it self-serve or let us recommend a bartender for you.

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Pleas feel free to call or visit one of our showrooms for advice, ideas and assistance. Our party consultants are at your service. They will help you order the right quantities of the proper items. We are always happy to recommend caterers, bartenders, entertainment, and other services. We care! We want your party to be a gala and elegant affair. Our equipment is constantly maintained and kept in the best condition. Our advice and assistance is yours for the asking…!

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